More than Sport its a Passion
Committed and driven by Passion wanting to get Children and adults to live a more Active and Healthy Lifestyle
Why choose C.B. Active Sports Ltd as your sports provider ?

Days of the year

Different sports and growing

Niche sports and growing

we are available 365 days of the year to offer a sports coaching service in all settings. This could be in Educational establishments or community settings, such as special events, birthday, hen and stag parties we cater for all.
We pride ourselves in being able to offer a wide and varied amount of sports from 1 provider, this gives every child a chance to grow and flourish in sport, try out new sports and never be bored by the same things
We offer some niche sports that is not often seen in educational establishments, this gives the less sporty children the chance to shine and want to take part in sport. the sports we offer have worked with many non sporty children in a number of schools visited.
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We have new Sports and sport workshops starting in the Spring, We have a New Sport we are showcasing in the start of Spring YOUFO Click for more info HERE>>> 

Latest News
  1. Zone Ball (Steve Strangio)
    Zone Ball (Steve Strangio)
    23 DEC
    We are lucky enough to be working with a great sports inventor Steve Strangio from the States and who is helping with starting Zone ball in the UK. I am looking at starting leagues and competition in this great game that can only be described as fast fun and very combative sport. Has elements of many sports but similar aspects to basketball. get in touch to find out more or start a new club, or after school sessions.
  2. NitroBall
    08 MAR
    NitroBall or Inverted Volleyball is a fast paced and skilful game played between 2 teams of six and played similar rules to Volleyball but a lower net and the ball must bounce once before hitting over the other side.
  3. VX Rock-it-ball
    VX Rock-it-ball
    VX Rock it ball is a game of extreme dodgeball mix lacrosse. the game is played for 4 quarters of 4 minutes and its how many times you can hit the other team with a low impact ball from the catcher thrower without being hit yourself., there are no area, markings or zones in this game and played 5V5 in a sports hall, or 1V1 and 2V2 in a squash court.
  4. Roundnet
    Roundnet is a game similar to volleyball but using a round net 8" off the floor. You play 2V2, you have up to 3 hits between your team to return a ball on the net from the opposite team. If the rally is broken the opposite team gains possession of the ball and achieves a point.
  5. GaGa BAll
    GaGa BAll
    GaGa is a game of dodgeball but much safer making it better for the younger children to play. This game is played in a GaGa pit, a small pit round or hexogen shaped. Players start on the edge of the pit, a soft sponge or rubber ball is bounced in the middle, bounces twice then you hit the ball only with your hand to strike another person below the knees then they are out, if the ball goes over the pit whoever touched it last is also out. You can only hit the ball once for each strike unless it rebounds off the pit wall first or your out. Once out you must leave the and the game is played until only one person is left
  6. Dodgeball
  7. Panna Football
    Panna Football
    April 14th
    Panna is simply a type of football game where the aim is to play the ball through your opponent’s legs and retrieve it at the other side.The ball can be played forwards, sideways or backwards.Panna requires a lot of technical skill, control, tricks, very quick feet and imagination. Panna is a lot of fun and we will be introducing it in to some of our sessions, especially with the older players.There are now Panna competitions and tournaments being held across the world and it’s popularity is increasing day by day.The more glamorous Panna games take place in a small cage.Typically played in a 1 v 1 set up, it can also be played 2 v 2 or 3 v 3.
Our Mission
Our mission is to get more people enjoying a more active and healthy lifestyle through sport. this has many benefits such as:
  • Reduces the risk of high blood preasure
  • Weight management
  • Relieves stress and reduces depression
  • Helps children develop discipline
  • Kids who play sport learn sometimes you win and sometimes you lose,which helps them deal with disappoinment and move on.
  • Helps develop Teamwork and leadership skills
  • Sports typically help academically and socially,the benefits are equally as good if you excel in a sport or not.
  • Kids involved in sport are less likely to take drugs or smoke as they realise the impact these have on their performance